DIY Gin Lab

Snake Oil KC

$ 18.00

Snake Oil KC takes its name, of course, from the door-to-door salesmen who knowingly peddled fraudulent tonics and potions guaranteed to cure just about anything.   Snake Oil KC Gin Lab is medicine in its own right. It's a way to slow down, relax and enjoy the process of creating and drinking your own botanical-infused gin potions at home.

It includes an instruction manual, a small bag of juniper berries and two seasonally rotating bags of a proprietary blend of dried fruits, seeds, flowers and herbs. All of this comes in a box with cocktail recipes to use with your newly infused gin. 

Each botanical blend has 10 to 16 ingredients with varying health benefits and all start with a base of cardamom and coriander, which aid in digestion and are anti-inflammatory.  Just add vodka and all of your troubles - gone!  Well, perhaps not but you'll enjoy the process of creating something unique and delicious!

Available in Original and Lover's versions, the latter of while is a floral blend laced with fenugreek and jasmine, both of which are supposed aphrodisiacs.

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