Pique Tea Crystals

Pique Tea

$ 8.00

Tea, re-imagined.

Whole leaf tea, brewed and crystallized.  Pique is the easiest way to enjoy exceptional tea, every time.  Sourced from the top 5% of tea leaves in the world, Pique tea has 2x the antioxidants of leading tea bags, is organic, free from artificial flavors, preservatives, sugar and calories.  Easy, convenient and designed to fit your life, Pique Tea dissolves in hot or cold water.

This elegant Jasmine tea is made using spring-harvested green tea from a lush mountain valley in Zhejiang Province in China, and combined with fresh Jasmine flowers petals plucked at the peak of their freshness. According to our unique technique, this green tea is blended 5 separate times with batches of fresh Jasmine petals to create a perfect delicate aroma. 14 sachets (servings) per carton. Simply open, pour in cup, and add water, hot or cold!

Say goodbye to tea bags and hello to an amazing cup each and every time, any time, any where.